Asymmetrical quads: 35 ideas for inspiration!


The asymmetrical square is based on the classic square. A feature of this haircut can be called the fact that it fits almost everything. When choosing, it is important to be guided by your own individual characteristics, then the hairstyle will fit perfectly and will emphasize all the advantages of its owner.

What is a haircut

The point of an asymmetrical bob is that it is a haircut with unequal length (on both sides of the face). It looks like this.

Asymmetrical kare - very popular hairstyle with celebrities

In front, an asymmetrical bob looks like a haircut with different edges on both sides of the face, and the difference can be from a centimeter to ten.

On the side (on each side), this car looks like a normal, but differently on both sides.

Kare may look different from different sides

Behind the bob with asymmetry looks depending on the type of haircut (can be elongated, shortened, etc.). At the same time, a diagonal cutting line is noticeable from behind.

Different types of asymmetrical carap emphasize individuality.

Types of asymmetric bob

Varieties of asymmetric kare there are many. Kare with asymmetry exists in the following variants:


Classic car is a haircut that will be appropriate in almost any circumstances. Its great advantage is the possibility of simple and quick installation, not requiring additional effort. This is a stylish and effective option. Hairstyle is suitable for any type of person.

It is very important to choose the right shape for this type of haircut. Classic models are ideal for all


Graduated car is a kind of stepped haircut, when the strands are cut at different levels. The most effective asymmetry on the straightened hair, however, and on curly turns out a good cascade;

This haircut gives a fresh look to the image. The graded car looks great on both straight and curly hair.

With long strands (bob)

The extended locks leave, as a rule, in front. Another name for a square with asymmetry and elongated strands is “A-bob” or “A-square”. It is believed that such a haircut looks good on those ladies who have a round face shape, but with proper styling (providing sufficient volume) will suit other women.

A car with long strands emphasizes the cheekbones and neck of the owner. Such a haircut is universal for any type of hair.

With a shortened nape (on the leg)

The haircut opens the neck, emphasizes the chin and neck areas. Another name for this hairstyle is an asymmetrical "on the leg" square. This haircut looks perfect on thick straight hair, with enough talent as a hairdresser, she even practically does not need special care.

This caret is more suitable for owners of thick and even hair. Elegant haircut opens and elegantly emphasizes the neckline.

Naturally, with this diversity, each will find the preferred form of a haircut.

To whom it is suitable

By type of face, there are the following nuances of choosing an asymmetrical bob cut:

  • not all variations of a square with asymmetry are suitable for round-faced ladies, they should dwell on the variant with elongated strands ("A-bob"); For owners of a round face, the best option is with elongated strands
  • by the way, an asymmetrical bob cut with a lengthening is “shown” to girls with a triangular face or a face in the shape of a heart The main thing here is not to make excessive volume in the area of ​​the temples, so as not to expand the upper part (forehead) even more. In addition, women with this shape of the face should avoid short and straight wolves, as they again draw attention to the wide upper part; A-bob levels the upper region of the face, making it proportional
  • Asymmetrical carts are ideal for ladies with angular and large features: it hides all overly outstanding and makes the face softer and “rounder”; Caress softens large and angular facial features
  • The owners of a square and trapezoidal face also fit asymmetrical quads that help hide excess volume from the bottom. Here, scratches and other ways of giving a volume on the back of the head are only welcome, because they visually stretch the face. Directly naked with an asymmetrical four - salvation for girls with square facial features

By the way, for ladies with short necks, such a haircut is not recommended.

The structure of the hair can be divided into the following points:

  • Asymmetrical four of a kind is equally good on thin and voluminous hair. By the way, there is a little trick: if a side parting is done, then with thick hair you can style your hair straight, and with thin hair, you should comb it back to front;
  • This type of haircut is difficult to do on curly hair, often the laying of hair of such a structure requires prior straightening so that the asymmetry is noticeable. For this reason, curly ladies will not fit graded haircuts; To this type of square look good, you have to make a lot of effort
  • Asymmetrical haircuts on slightly wavy hair are very good, especially if you complement the image with bangs. Bangs and curls are the perfect tandem of a flawless image.

Regarding the color of hair, stylists argue that an asymmetrical four-seater is more suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women, but modern technologies offer a lot of equally attractive options.

One of these has become fashionable today type of staining with the help of two colors smoothly or not very much moving into each other, which is called ombre. It all depends on the coloring technique: zoning, a clear transition or a natural gradient. Most often, experts recommend the classic version of the coloring with a smooth transition from color to color. This coloring is performed, as a rule, in the most natural and close to natural colors. Most asymmetrical ombre otter is suitable for fine hair.

Asymmetrical kare on thin hair with ombre with a smooth color transition

By the way, for ladies with short necks, such a haircut is not recommended.

Performance technology in the cabin step by step

In order to make an asymmetrical car, the following devices will be required:

  • scissors;
  • clips; clips;
  • several types of hairbrushes.

The technology of the haircut is as follows:

  1. Rinse hair.
  2. Comb your hair back.
  3. Part from the occipital to the frontal part.
  4. On one and the other part of the parting, select along the strand, put it together and, holding it with fingers, cut from top to bottom.
  5. A new parting is made apart from the previous one, the strand is separated in the same way and is cut the same way, approximately along the length of the control (first) strand.
  6. Further, moving to the side (to the temple), cut in the same way, the temple is cut the last.
  7. When the temple is trimmed, all hair should be combed backwards, after which the entire algorithm is repeated.
  8. Moving to this side (the chosen side, which should be long), it is necessary to lengthen the cut smoothly with each strand.
  9. When they reach the temple, the hair is again combed backwards, parting is made in the form of an arc from the frontal part to the occipital part, after which the entire specified algorithm is repeated, with the shortest strands located on the back of the head.
  10. In the neck area, a triangular fringing trim is made with scissors.
  11. Round brush and hairdryer styling is done.
  12. After the hair is already dry, the final trimming is carried out.

It should be noted that it is desirable to produce such a haircut only in the salon conditions and from a qualified master.

Hairstyle videos with lengthened asymmetrical lines

Haircut Ideas: Inspirational Photos

Since there are a lot of variations on an asymmetrical one, there is a place where fantasies can roam.

For example, it is possible to make an asymmetrical square with decorative elements (for example, with a shaved temple): this is an option for the most courageous and creative ladies.

This kind of asymmetric cara is suitable mainly for informal girls. Despite the unusual, this kind of car looks very romantic. Creativity and simplicity - the main advantages of this hairstyle. Best of all, this hairstyle looks on light and bleached hair.

It should be remembered that the hair requires a special design with the help of clothes and accessories.

On short hair

For short hair, perfect carpe-bob or with a short nape

On medium hair

For medium hair, fit classic or long car

With or without bangs

Asymmetrical bark with a bang makes it possible to give the hairstyle even more diversity, since you can make any kind of bangs: straight, oblique, filleted, “feathers”, etc.

It is very important to choose a bang under the type of face. This hair style is easiest to style. Straight or oblique bangs emphasize the beauty of the face. The hare with bangs and long strands will give the image completeness and mystery.

According to the advice of stylists, the choice of the presence or absence of a bang is based on the shape of the face:

  • with the shape of the face "oval", you can freely choose absolutely any bang;
  • if the face has a rounded shape, then it is necessary to dwell on an elongated modification, which is also asymmetrical, since the straight and short form will only visually expand the upper part of the face;
  • The previous thesis applies to women with a triangular silhouette of the face: they also do not want additional expansion in the upper front.

By the way, for all types of faces, the lack of bangs (or its very long version) remains a safe option.

On curly or straight hair

Basically, any car is recommended for girls with straight hair (just graduation and straight lines in a haircut look more impressive).

Kare, to a greater extent, is recommended for girls with straight hair Smooth hair creates delicacy of haircuts

At the same time, no one forbids young ladies with curls to cut their hair in the same way. Another thing is that they will have to make much more effort if they want to emphasize the geometry of the haircut (here you have to use the straightening iron).

Playful hair in the image will help emphasize curly hair. Short wavy square is suitable both for every day and for special occasions.

Moreover, curly hair requires even less effort when styled and holds volume better.

Will adult women fit

Age - not a hindrance for those who want to cut a bob

It is believed that the asymmetry in the hair - it is the choice of young people. However, an asymmetrical four of a kind is also suitable for mature women. At the same time, it is important to remember that it is desirable for women aged not to make excessiveburred haircuts (opening the ears and neck), everything else will depend on the type of face and hair structure.

General principles of styling and original ideas

The asymmetrical frame is laid using a round or skeletal comb and a hair dryer.

You can additionally use the iron for straightening hair (this is especially true for owners of curly and wavy hair). However, if you prefer a slight creative mess in your hairstyle, you can leave curls and curls.

Iron - real salvation for owners of curly hair

In order to put the bob with a hair dryer and a regular comb, you first need to wash your hair and dry the hair with a towel. It is better to do the styling exclusively on clean hair, since the effect will then be longer. After the curls have become a little more dry, they are divided into several sides. Next, take a round hairbrush and strands stretched to a height. The tips can be twisted in or out. According to the results, the hairstyle is fixed with the help of a gel or varnish.

In the case of styling with the help of ironing hair straightened in zones. First, in the back of the head, and then in the temporal area and the front curls. The latest strands straighten on the bangs or front.

With the help of various devices you can straighten your hair or create an original wave.

When hair curlers are used, experts also recommend washing and brushing hair to keep curls as long as possible. After that, divide the hair into several zones, each of which is alternately applied gel and twists into spirals. Hair should be left to dry in this position for several hours. In the final procedure, they unwind, and to fix the image applied varnish.

Asymmetrical bob is a very diverse and original haircut that allows you to drastically change the image and at the same time greatly facilitate daily styling. Most women choose this hairstyle, because it does not require much care, and the result exceeds all expectations.