5 most unusual diets: who thought this up?


Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight, knows how difficult it is to find among the variety of diets suitable and really working. New ones appear almost every day, and some of them are contrary to all methods of healthy eating and are striking in their absurdity. We have collected the most unusual diets for weight loss, which few people indifferent.

Banana diet

Usually, nutritionists insist on the exclusion of bananas from the menu, because these are very high-calorie fruits with a high content of carbohydrates. But not the creators of this diet. However, everything happened by chance.

To lose weight, it is recommended to eat unripe bananas.

When the Japanese banker Hitoshi Watanabe realized that he was gaining too much weight and began to feel unwell, his wife, the pharmacist Sumiko, developed a banana diet specifically for her husband. Fruits must be immature, because they contain more fiber than ripe ones. 1-2 bananas are eaten for breakfast with a glass of water at room temperature - this combination, according to the girl, should speed up the metabolism. During the day, you can eat at your discretion, excluding meals after 8 pm, alcohol and dairy products. And since at least a week.

According to Hitoshi, he managed to lose 13 kg, and the diet gained unprecedented popularity all over the world and especially in Japan (so much that it was difficult to find bananas in the stores for some time, because everyone who wanted to try out the weight loss method bought them in kilograms).

Dietary bananas for breakfast

However, with a banana diet should be careful to those who suffer from hypoglycemia (low blood glucose), chronic bowel disease or stomach.


Another program for those who are not accustomed to deny themselves sweets, even for weight loss. However, it is not so sweet to sit on a chocolate diet, as you might think, because chocolate (and only black bitter) is all that is allowed to eat throughout the course of rapid weight loss.

Chocolate is all you can eat during such a diet.

The authors of the diet offer every day to eat 100 grams of chocolate, if desired, divide it into several meals. Additionally, you can drink black coffee without sugar, which is designed to speed up the metabolism.

Despite the fact that doctors are not too supportive of this diet due to low calorie, imbalance and risk of metabolic disorders, many use it in order to get rid of a few extra pounds in a short time (4-7 days). For example, the Russian singer Alsou is a devotee of the chocolate diet.

Singer Alsou keeps fit with chocolate

However, chocolate also has a lot of advantages: it lowers blood pressure and raises the tone of the body, contains many antioxidants and prevents blood clots. The main thing is to approach such diets wisely.


A diet built on alcohol? Sounds at least doubtful. Nevertheless, such a diet really exists, and developed its British nutritionist Connie Guttersen. Its essence lies in the fact that you can eat absolutely everything, but eating should be accompanied by an incomplete glass of dry red wine. Such a drink has many beneficial properties and contributes to the breakdown of fats, eventually freeing the body from extra pounds.

Red dry wine helps fight fat

In order for the wine to benefit, not harm, it is necessary to give preference only to high-quality varieties and to drink no more than 70 grams at lunch and at dinner.

Choosing a similar diet, you need to understand that alcohol sometimes increases the appetite, and not overdo it with the size of portions, otherwise instead of losing weight, you can achieve the opposite result. Also, doctors urge to avoid replacing wine with other alcoholic beverages - brandy, vodka, beer, and even less alcohol consumption, not during dinner, but instead. Such actions can seriously affect the condition of the skin, the work of the stomach, liver and other organs.


The theory of Bretharism, or pranoedie, that is, food with the help of sunlight and air, was actively popularized in the 1980s in the wake of interest in Hinduism and Ayurveda. First of all, prano-learning was presented as an opportunity to achieve enlightenment and purification of the soul and body, abandoning physical food and switching to solar energy. But soon the antiscientific method was adopted by those who sought, by all means, to get rid of the hated kilograms.

The Brittany diet is a rejection of physical food in favor of the sun’s energy.

Despite its absurdity, this diet has many fans around the world, among them previously included the famous American actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Nevertheless, there are no studies that prove the possibility of giving up food and water for a long time without health effects, but several deaths have already been recorded for the adherents of such a diet.

However, Wiley Brooks, the founder of the Institute of Bretarians of America, who had previously claimed that the sun’s energy and chemical elements in the air are enough for life, today does not forget to make the reservation that, like in any diet, it is also necessary to take breaks in Bretarianism which time you can feel free to eat ... even a hamburger with a cola!

Wormy diet

Probably one of the most incredible and extreme diets - an attempt to lose weight with the help of parasites.

While some people are desperately trying to get rid of worms in their bodies, others purposely inhabit the larvae of tapeworms. According to proponents of such a shocking method, you can not worry about the parasites about how much was eaten at dinner, because the worms will easily deal with all the excess food.

According to the authors of the "wormy" diet, worms eat everything that could turn into fat

The wormy diet appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in America, when people, concerned about their weight, began to take pills with helminth larvae. Similar pills, known under the name "Thai", gained popularity in the CIS as well in the late 90s. They had two pills in their composition - one with a parasite worm, and the second was supposed to destroy it when the necessary weight was reached. Of course, not everyone was aware of the composition of such miracle pills, and many not only lost weight, but also caused irreparable harm to their health.

It is known that the popular opera singer Maria Callas was obliged to her worms (she lost 36 kilograms in a year and a half!), And it was rumored that Claudia Schiffer and other stars were fond of an unusual diet.

The results of Maria Callas weight loss can envy any girl

Similar to the wormy, only the fish diet was also popular in the 30s in America. Instead of the larvae of worms, it was necessary to swallow small live fish. It was assumed that they clean the intestines of excess food. At the same time, no one thought about how unfortunate creatures can survive, once they get into the human body.

Not all food systems, even with the right approach benefit. Choosing a method for losing weight, you should not forget about common sense, so that the departed kilograms do not turn into much more serious problems.