Holidays May 24: Cyril and Methodius, Sholokhov and Brodsky, and even the day dishes from snails


Spring, May, Friday ... Ah, get rid of your shoulder, swing your hand! Walk so walk! Do not use such a day to rest to the fullest - just the same crime against his own honestly spent the five days of the body. Excuses are not accepted, find out what holidays on May 24 we were already waiting for, and come off to the fullest!

What is celebrated today in Russia

Scientists, teachers, students, schoolchildren and just reading lovers, as well as all competent people without exception! May 24th you can not miss. Today they are celebrating the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture, as well as the memory of two Christian saints who directly contributed to the creation of this very script, Cyril and Methodius. And let the familiar alphabet now differs significantly from the Cyrillic alphabet, it still owes its appearance to two monastic brothers.

The work of the brothers was done worthy

Since we are talking about the Orthodox saints of this day, we will mention a few more:

  • Martyr Mokiya;
  • Martyr Joseph, Metropolitan of Astrakhan;
  • Saint Nicodemus, Archbishop of Serbia;
  • Rev. Sophrony of Pechersk;
  • Equal of the Apostles Rostislav, Prince of Velikomoravsky.

In the national calendar, May 24 is considered to be rich in rainfall, therefore it has long been nicknamed "Wet Wet." Well, what's with us today outside the window?

Other dates:

  • Russian personnel today have every right to raise glasses in honor of their professional holiday - true, unofficial, therefore it is better if non-alcoholic pops splash in the glasses;
  • Petersburgers should walk to the cruiser Aurora, which was launched exactly 119 years ago;
  • avid readers of Russian Wikipedia have their own holiday - on May 24, 2001, the first article appeared in it. Another year, and the cruiser will celebrate the anniversary

Birthdays of the day:

  • Alexander;
  • Methodius;
  • Kirill;
  • Osip (Joseph);
  • Rostislav;
  • Nicodemus

And if you put aside the holy calendar, today literature lovers can celebrate the birthday of Mikhail Sholokhov, who wrote the unsurpassed Silent Don and the poet Joseph Brodsky. Both of them, by the way, were once awarded the Nobel Prize.

Literary heroes of Sholokhov deserve their excellent monument

What is celebrated in the world

Let's leave our home country for a while and move beyond its borders:

  • in Ukraine, May 24 is the day of Ukrainian drinking culture, and colloquially, Gorilka Day;
  • in Israel - the Day of Jerusalem, or rather, its association from the Jewish and Jordanian parts into a single whole;
  • in Ecuador they remember the battle of Pichincha and the victory over the Spanish colonists;
  • on Bermuda, there are celebrations in honor of Bermuda Day, aka Empire Day, or Commonwealth Day;
  • in the US, they shyly recall buying from a local Indian tribe, Manhattan, for a bunch of junk goods and having fun noisily on the Day of the Escargo, a French dish made of snails;
  • in Europe, the day of the parks, whereby Sweden became the “zavodiloy” during the creation of this holiday, and only then other states joined it. Why did the French food have a special day in the USA?

Other unexpected holidays:

  • World day of schizophrenia;
  • World Video Game Day;
  • International Tiara Day.

How are we going to celebrate?

What does it mean like? Let's get a bottle of gorilka or another hot drink and have fun, but no frills (pushing into the embrace of the Green Serpent, I will not become you) and drink it with your friends literally over your throat, not forgetting to bite plentifully with rye bread with bacon and green onions.

Well, how can you resist?

If during the feast accidentally it rains, the most “cold-resistant” people can run under the drops so that their hair grows thick and strong, as popular wisdom promises.

Do you consider yourself a gourmet? A little look at the restaurant and demand a plate for a better escargo? Day just will not pass in vain.

Well, if the mood urges you to stay at home and rest, you will always have the opportunity to play plenty of video games, re-read Sholokhov, or make changes to any of the Wikipedia articles. Everything is in the spirit of the day.

In case you don’t like any of these ideas: May 24 is also known as the Felting Holiday on the Grass. Do not get out of the closet thick blanket, sunscreen and whether to go to the country to earn a natural spring and summer tan? Unless, of course, the treacherous Mokii does not confuse your plans.