Examination did not find traces of poisoning in the blood of Dorenko

Now relatives can bury the journalist.

The death of Sergey Dorenko on May 9 was so sudden that the daughters of the journalist from their first marriage even suspected that the death was rigged. Recall the man fell from a motorcycle due to aortic rupture. In the hospital, Sergei died. The funeral of the star of domestic journalism was canceled due to the statement of Dorenko’s adult daughters - the girls suggested that his current spouse was poisoned by the father.

The widow, on the other hand, claimed that Sergey had almost no contact with her daughters, so they didn’t know that they had found a brain aneurysm last year.

An additional examination was appointed, the results of which were recently announced. Doctors found the death of Dorenko natural, no signs of poisoning were found. Now the journalist can bury.