What to wear with a denim jacket: 60 fashionable bows for every day!


Denim jacket is a stylish, fashionable and practical thing that will become indispensable in your wardrobe. It protects from the wind, does not wrinkle, looks beautiful and fits almost any everyday clothes in the wardrobe, and sometimes successfully combines with evening dresses. To know what to wear with a denim jacket, you need to take into account her style, color and style.

What denim jackets are trendy this season

Denim things are now in fashion, and jackets are no exception. In this case, both sporting and brutal as well as feminine models of all possible colors will be relevant. They should be selected on the basis of your features, shape, style of clothing and practical purposes. However, do not lose sight of the latest fashion trends.

Now in the trend of the model with embroidery, prints and applications - they refer to the fashion of the 90s, but in combination with other modern clothes will look very appropriate.

Bright decorative elements make the image fresh and playful.

In fashion, torn and worn jeans - this design will give you courage and audacity.

Long sleeved punk-style jackets are great for youth wardrobe

Free models of jackets will be very comfortable in cool weather. In addition, they will easily allow you to hide figure flaws, and under them you can easily put on several items of clothing at once. The option is suitable for connoisseurs of androgynous style.

Loose overseas models will be very comfortable and make the image informal

Now relevant natural and artificial fur, and it is perfectly combined with jeans. Coloring can be very diverse.

A denim jacket with fur is another trend relevant for autumn or spring.

It is worth considering the short models of jackets - with them you will look visually slimmer.

A cropped denim jacket will look elegant and perfect for feminine looks.

At the warm season, you can buy a colored denim jacket, which will be a bright accent in your wardrobe. Complex composite hues are relevant, both pastel and saturated.

Pink denim jacket will make your summer look bright and fresh.

What to wear with a denim jacket: 60 ideas of stylish bows (photo)

In order for your fashionable bow to look solid, beautiful and complete, it is important to correctly select the combination. Although the denim jacket is almost a universal thing, the details of the image should be considered carefully. Length, fit, design, colors - all this is very important in the preparation of a set of clothes. Do not forget also about the features of your figure and the weather outside the window.

Depending on length

Girls wishing to visually lengthen their legs and focus on their shoulders are recommended to choose short or medium length models. If you have a high waist, it is better to opt for elongated versions. These models also allow you to hide and excess volume in the thighs. For each length, you can choose stylish combinations in elegant and everyday versions.

For example, short denim jackets are very well combined with puffy skirts and dresses - these can be flared models, pleated models or pleated versions of a wide variety of materials.

Cropped denim jacket stylishly looks with a fluffy skirt and heels

The classic jacket of medium length can be combined absolutely with any things in the style of casual. One of the trendy options in the new season is plain denim pants.

Fully denim clothing sets are now in fashion: you can combine jeans of different shades, options with and without prints

The massive top and slinky bottom allow you to create a feminine, sophisticated silhouette in any situation. A long jacket made of jeans can be combined with leggings, tight knit, denim or corduroy pants.

A long jacket with skinny jeans and boots is a casual look for casual look.

If you want to create an elegant look, the thing can be easily combined with narrow skirts and midi dresses. The most interesting it will look with long models of jackets.

Long model with narrow light skirt looks very elegant

T-shirts, t-shirts and shirts are a simple and stylish everyday solution for the summer season. They can be combined with a jacket of medium length or with short models.

Under a short jacket wide-open can wear a long shirt

If you like a combination of contrasts, wear an elongated model under light chiffon dresses and sundresses.

Massive long jacket can look great with pleated dresses

With a classic denim model, you can wear short skirts and dresses. Denim jacket brings in the image of androgynous notes, so that unnecessarily sexy in this case, the mini will not look.

The jacket of medium length and extreme mini will create a bold, but not vulgar bow

A typical bow in a romantic style can be made more distinctive, if you complement it with shabby jeans - long looks will look great.

A simple elongated jacket can be used instead of a jacket under a dress in a romantic style.

Light summer maxi dresses are now in fashion, referring to the hippie style. Under them the best fit short.

Under a long summer maxi dress, a jeans jacket with short sleeves is perfect

Connoisseurs of sports style can combine a denim jacket with loose T-shirts, voluminous knit dresses and sweatshirts.

Knitted dress under the belt and sweatshirt will create a stylish urban bow with a jacket of medium length

If you like fashionable mini dresses of direct cut, they can be successfully combined with denim jackets of medium length.

Medium length jacket can be successfully combined with a dress of mini straight cut

As part of the youth style will look good long jackets and short dresses.

An elongated jacket matched to the length of the dress creates a playful fresh bow

Shortened can be used not only as an outerwear - it can be successfully combined with all kinds of coats and coats.

Multi-layer trend: a jacket under a coat in a street fashion looks quite organic

If you like elegant dresses, fitting the figure, you should choose a fitted short denim jacket for them.

A cropped denim jacket fits a slim cocktail dress that emphasizes the figure.

Despite the fact that the long ones often look brutal and androgynous, one can add femininity to the image, wearing heeled shoes.

A coarse long jacket can be worn even with heels - this will add zest to your bow.

How to take into account all the advantages of cut

The most diverse styles of denim jackets are in fashion, but for them it is important to correctly select sets of clothes. For a silhouette to be harmonious, all elements of clothing must fit into a single form. It is good, when in an image there are both fitting, and free things which supplement each other.

A wide volumetric jacket can be perfectly combined with narrow midi and maxi skirts.

The voluminous jacket blends in perfectly with a slim, light skirt, athletic shoes and a backpack.

If you want to look feminine and in casual clothes, pick up a comfortable light dress with a floral print.

You can wear a loose knit dress with a regular straight cut jacket.

Fully denim this year at the peak of popularity. If you choose a fitted model, loose cropped jeans are ideal for it, and to make the bow more elegant, complement it with pumps.

Fitted with a slim model, boyfriend jeans and heels look great.

Now in a trend tight fitting knit tops - shortened models or variants with open shoulders. They can be worn with a wide denim jacket.

Under oversize jacket fit tight short top

In cool weather, models of free fit look very organic with sweaters and voluminous knitwear - in this set you will look stylish and feel comfortable in any weather.

A loose, lightweight jacket can be successfully combined with knit sweaters.

A jumpsuit with a jacket can also look great: if you have a voluminous jeans model, you can wear a jumpsuit under, and if you choose a thin denim jacket, you can wear a free jumpsuit right on top.

Tight slim jacket can be worn with a denim jumpsuit

The fitted jacket, loose in the shoulder area, is an interesting model that should be combined with bright and unusual clothes.

A bright layered dress is perfect for a loose fitted jacket

All sorts of scarves, shawls and stoles make the bow more complete. If you are afraid that the image will look like a boy, a graceful scarf will help you look elegant.

A light scarf decorates your look with a classic denim jacket.

Loose clothes are very relevant for youth style. Light, wide tops blend perfectly with oversized jackets.

Under the jacket oversize fit free light T-shirt tucked under the pants

The combination of coarse, massive androgynous jackets with evening and cocktail dresses can be very piquant.

Extravagant sexy mini will look less defiant with a voluminous jacket of straight cut

Under the fitted model, you can choose the most simple clothes in casual style - you will still look elegant.

Contrast color tunic looks great with fitted jacket

The linen style in clothes remains in a fashion. Lace and silk lightweight things look great with loose-fitting jackets made of thick jeans.

T-shirts and lingerie-style dresses look great with an oversize jacket.

If you like shocking, you can choose a thing of direct cut with an unusual design, and in the set to pick up simple clothes and unusual accessories.

A straight cut jacket, long shirt, shorts, boots and tights will allow you to create a distinctive informal bow

A simple, feminine set of a shirt and a full skirt will look more interesting with a denim jacket.

The straight jacket looks exquisitely with a flared mini skirt, a hat and a massive shopper bag.

Often, casual style bows with a classic denim jacket look dull and unfinished - to avoid this, we must not forget about accessories. A bright accent can be shoes, a bag, a hat or a scarf.

If you choose a classic style jacket, a bright bag will refresh the conservative image

Stylish female images with jackets of different colors

Models can be not only in the traditional blue and blue colors. Now a variety of color options are relevant. It can be more difficult to select sets of clothes for them, but the image is very bright and unusual.

Delicate pink shades suit any girl and allow you to create an exquisite feminine look. To make the bow more expressive, you can add contrasting colors to the pastel shade - for example, the classic combination would be black with white.

Pink jacket in pastel colors looks great with black and white clothes

Green jackets look great with dark colors: pick black, gray, blue or burgundy under them.

A green denim jacket in perfect harmony with blue jeans.

A yellow denim jacket is a specific thing for which it is not easy to choose an outfit. If you want a fresh summer look, you can try combining it with red or pink, and if you want to look elegant, consider pastel shades, gray and beige.

Cheerful yellow jacket fit beige knitwear

Unusual jackets that combine several colors are most suitable for youth style. So that the outfit does not look childish, such an original thing should be combined with the most simple clothes.

Unusual jacket that combines purple and blue can look great with classic denim shorts

The red jacket is suitable for passionate people who want to look festive every day. If you are not afraid of attention from others, pick up a completely red bow, and if you want to focus on the jacket, limit yourself to bright colors in clothing.

The red jacket is a bright element of the wardrobe, so you should wear clothes in neutral pastel colors under it.

Brown jacket is perfect for everyday urban style. However, in order for the image to be expressive, it is better to combine it with pure bright colors.

A brown jeans jacket will look cool with white things.

A white jacket is not a very practical thing, but it looks great and goes to almost everyone. Such a thing will look very harmonious even with an evening outfit, and there are a lot of color combinations: the same white, black, lavender, lime or blue suit.

A white jacket will be an elegant addition to a colorful bright dress.

Gray jacket refers to the style of punk and looks great with black, white and gray things.

With a gray jacket, you can create a stylish graphic bow using a combination of black and white

If you choose a monochromatic black jacket and want to look as feminine and elegant as possible, you can withstand the image completely in black color - this will make it possible to attract the attention of others to you, and not to your clothes.

If you choose a black jacket, it will look elegant with heels and a tight-fitting black dress.

A variety of cool pastel tones — emerald, lilac or gray — will suit the light blue tint.

Light blue jacket goes well with gray clothes

The jacket of classic blue is absolutely universal - it can be put on under a bright, and under a restrained image in colors.

Reach for a blue denim jacket to complement a slim striped shirt.

Depending on the season

The heroine of our story is suitable for wearing in the summer, and in demi-season. The main thing is to find successful combinations of clothes. Universal thing will look very different with warm and light things.

In the fall, many people choose a denim jacket with natural or artificial fur. Such a model will look organically with almost any warm clothing: massive sweaters, knitwear and tight trousers will be a good base for such an image.

Stylish jacket with fur fit gray culottes and a massive sweater

In the fall, sometimes you want the same brightness as in summer, but unnecessarily catchy basic things may look out of place. In this case, restrict monochrome clothing and pick up unusual accessories that fit your jacket.

An interesting autumn bow can be obtained by combining simple basic things and bright, noticeable accessories: a green bag and a pink hat.

All sorts of scarves and scarves - an indispensable thing in cool weather.

You can combine a jacket with a topical scarf

Under the jacket will fit almost any shoes - from sneakers to feminine boots. If you prefer elegance, consider options on the platform or on a steady thick heel.

White lacquered denim boots refer to retro style and look very unusual.

Knitwear is indispensable in the fall and goes well with jeans.

Gin knitted dress, knitted hat and boots are perfect for a denim jacket

In summer, you can combine the most unexpected fabrics with each other - for example, leather and denim can perfectly complement each other in your city bow.

The combination of denim and leather will create an independent and strong image

If you value simplicity and comfort, pick up a classic plaid shirt under your jacket: you can wear it under a jacket and wear a belt in hot weather.

A denim and a cage is a traditional combination that fits perfectly into the casual style.

Even a bold image can be made more strict and restrained, if you choose the right shoes.

Summer low boots with a small heel will make a bow with a denim jacket more restrained and refined.

A denim jacket is a simple basic thing, so you can wear unusual clothes with it.

In the summer, the most daring combinations are good: sneakers, light dress to the floor, jeans and a velvet bag can look stylish together

Jackets with prints require other basic things, however, if the design is very catchy, it will not be out of place to support it with bright, noticeable accessories.

In summer, a fully denim bow can be successfully diversified with a catchy clutch.

If you appreciate the unusual silhouettes and nostalgic for the style of the 80s, try on a jacket with wide trousers.

Denim jacket is perfect for wide cropped trousers and elegant sandals

With shorts in the summer jacket of jeans looks great. Such a city bow should be deliberately careless: you can combine several completely different colors, and they will all look harmonious.

Lightweight feminine shorts and a sporty jersey will make the image multifaceted

In the summer, free forms are especially relevant: if you like clothes of straight cut, the image can be completed with an oversized model.

Минималистичный лук с одеждой свободного покроя подойдет любой девушке

Контрастное сочетание двух цветов в летнем образе поможет женщине выглядеть ярко и заметно.

For a simple and stylish summer bow, you should combine a few laconic things from denim of different colors.

If you value comfort, you can combine a large denim jacket with various jerseys and knit pants, as well as pick up any sneakers and sneakers.

The jacket blends in perfectly even with sportswear.

A massive denim jacket can be complemented with classic looks.

A shirt, a tight skirt and a metallic bag are perfect for spring.

The advantage of this wardrobe detail is that even the simplest clothes with it will sparkle with new colors. If you don’t know what to wear, just choose dark pants and a white top.

A simple youth look for spring can be created with skinny pants.

Bright-blue models of jackets require interesting, but inconspicuous combinations. Perfect fit bright T-shirts with pictures or inscriptions.

A playful t-shirt with a print is well suited for a jacket in late spring.

Now the trend is multi-layered and play on contrasts: this applies to prints and textures. Under simple clothes you can pick up accessories that radically change the image.

Do not be afraid to play on contrasts: a denim jacket, a simple turtleneck and massive jewelry look great together

What to wear under a denim jacket: ideas for 2019 (video)

As you can see, this is a versatile, comfortable and fashionable thing that will definitely come in handy in the wardrobe. She will help you out in any situation and will allow you to create a harmonious and beautiful image with casual and elegant clothes. However, in order to stylishly wear women's denim twist, do not forget to choose the right kits for color, cut and design.