Spicy Cheese Soup - Step-by-step recipe with melted cheese


French cheese soups, despite the simplicity of preparation, are a very popular type of food, even in world-famous institutions.

French cheese soups, despite the ease of preparation, are a very popular type of food, even in world-famous institutions. There are many varieties of this unusual dish for our cuisine. Today we look at how to cook cheese soup with melted cheese.

So let's go.

At home, you can cook cheese soup quickly with the help of processed cheese

Soup without meat with processed cheese

Let's start with the simplest recipe, the preparation of which will take a minimum of time. This option can be used as a breakfast or a light dinner, or simply when there is a catastrophic shortage of time for cooking. So, we will describe the step-by-step recipe of cheese soup with melted cheese. We will need:

  • a pair of cheeses (you can take any as pasty and lomevye);
  • 2-3 potatoes;
  • onion head;
  • carrots (if you do not want the soup to have a sweetish taste, you can do without it, in this case you can add a little more fried onions);
  • any seasonings and greens.

We proceed directly to the cooking process:

  1. First we need to cook a roast; at first we throw finely chopped onion into the pan with the heated butter (it is better to take the cream), and only after it is slightly reddened, add the grated raw carrots;
  2. Boil potatoes with cubes, add our roast there, and after boiling grated or finely chopped curds with a knife;
  3. Seasoning and salt, as well as chopped greens add to taste;
  4. Five minutes later, when the cheese is completely melted, pour the soup into plates, if desired, fill it with sauce or sour cream.

If you want to get a more nutritious and nutritious dish, add any cereal or noodles to it.

If you want to get a more nutritious and nutritious dish, add any cereal or noodles to it.

Tip! Not all cheeses are equally well dissolved in hot broth, so for work it is better to take products made from natural milk, without the introduction of soy additives.

French cream soup

Soups in French cuisine are prepared more easily in the form of vegetable or meat broth or puree cream soup. Such a light dish is served, which even the malicious non-lovers of soups will appreciate, most often for dinner.

For the preparation of French soup-puree, we need:

  • water 1-1.5 liters;
  • curds (it is better to take a more delicate creamy consistency) 200 g;
  • 2-3 potatoes;
  • carrot;
  • small onion;
  • fresh greens, salt.

So, we give you a recipe for aromatic French cheese soup with melted cheese. We will cook it in vegetable broth. To do this, we put the diced vegetables in the cold salted water, first the carrots, and in 10-15 minutes the potatoes and bring them to readiness.

Serve with croutons or toasts

Strain the broth through a colander, set it aside, and carefully boil the boiled vegetables in a blender. Again, add them to the broth, bring to a boil and throw in it the crushed curds. When they are completely dissolved, turn off the hotplate and serve the soup, seasoned with greens, to the table. To give it a more delicate flavor, add cream.

Tip! 100 g of natural processed cheese of calcium is more than in yogurt. Therefore, its regular consumption will help strengthen bone tissue, as well as teeth, hair and nails.

Low-calorie cheese soup with fish

When cooking this dish, in order not to drown out the milky taste of the curds, it is advisable to use delicate varieties of fish, for example, pink salmon, salmon or salmon. A more interesting option is obtained by adding several of its types. You can cook this soup with canned food.

1.5 liters of water will need:

  • about 200 g of fish (or a can of canned food);
  • 1-2 cheese;
  • medium sized onion;
  • a couple of potatoes (to reduce the calorie soup, potatoes can be replaced by zucchini or squash);
  • salt pepper;
  • You can use any kind of greens, but, in our opinion, the fish is ideally combined with dill.

So, the recipe for dietary cheese soup with fish and melted cheese.

Prepared, peeled and sliced ​​fish (fillets can be taken) is poured with cold water. As soon as the water starts to boil a little, reduce the heat and remove the foam. Large pieces of sea fish boil in broth for about 12-15 minutes, freshwater species of it a little longer - about 20 minutes.

The most tender broth is obtained by boiling it over very low heat without a lid. Salt is better to add at the end of cooking - otherwise it will "kill" the taste of fish.

In order not to drown out the milk taste of cheese, it is advisable to use delicate varieties of fish, for example, pink salmon, salmon or salmon

Put potatoes and onions into boiling broth. In order not to drown out the delicate smell of fish, it is better not to fry the onions, but to chop them very finely. If you do not really like the taste of boiled onions, add it a few minutes before the end of cooking - in this case it will be a little crunch. You can also throw it into the soup, cut it in half, and remove it when serving.

Tip! If you put the fish in boiling water, then just boil it. The broth in this case will remain tasteless.

Cheese delight in chicken broth

The recipe for chicken cheese soup with melted cheese is as simple as the previous ones. The only thing, for cooking broth, we need a little more time. Although it can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator:

  • chicken carcasses, breasts or fillets are thoroughly washed in cold water;
  • boil it in water for 20 minutes;
  • after boiling we reduce the heat and remove the foam;
  • to make the broth more nourishing, and the chicken juice is completely transferred to the broth, salt is added when the meat is half cooked; if you add salt later, the chicken will be too fresh;
  • potatoes, fried vegetables add at the end of cooking;
  • after the potatoes are ready, pour the grated curds into the pan;
  • when serving soup, fill it with greens.

Take care of the beautiful serving dishes

Interesting! Processed cheese technology was patented more recently, in 1911, by Kraft Foods. And he was invented by chance. In the Swiss town of Thun, they once made too much hard cheese, which was not immediately sold. It was then that Walter Gorber proposed to melt this product in order to keep it longer.

Soup with processed cheese and meatballs

For 300 g of minced meat, we will need 2-3 cheese, boiled rice, egg for the formation of meatballs, 4 potatoes, salt, onion and greens. So, the simplest recipe for a cheese soup with melted Friendship cheese and meatballs:

  • break egg into mince, add half-cooked, slightly undercooked rice, finely chopped onion, salt, spices and form meatballs; they will be more delicious if the onions are pre-fry;
  • neat balls can be formed if the hands are slightly moistened with cold water;
  • fry in oil until golden onions and carrots;
  • put the pot on the fire with 1.5-2 liters of water and bring it to a boil;
  • throw meatballs into boiling water;
  • throw bay leaf into the pan and add salt;
  • in 5 minutes we lay shredded potatoes;
  • after 5 minutes processed cheese;
  • cook soup for 10 minutes;
  • 2-3 minutes before readiness add greens.

To create an even more savory taste, you can add a little hard cheese.

Interesting! In Moscow, at the intersection of Ogorodny Passage and Shota Rustaveli Street, there is a small bronze monument of cheese, Druzhba. Mounted it in 2004 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the release of this famous product.

Add mushrooms

Flavored soup with the addition of mushrooms is a very popular and loved by many dish. When you add melted cheese, it turns out more delicate and refined, with a savory hint of creamy taste. The broth with it becomes richer and thicker.

We describe a detailed recipe for making cheese soup with mushrooms and melted cheese:

  • the most fragrant soup will come from forest mushrooms, but in their absence it is quite possible to use greenhouse champignons or even pickled mushrooms;
  • mushrooms are boiled previously, and then fried with the addition of onions; if desired, carrots can be thrown into the roasting;
  • add potatoes and fried mushrooms, salt, seasonings to boiling water and bring them to readiness;
  • cheeses throw in the soup at the very end of cooking.

The most fragrant soup will come from forest mushrooms, but in their absence it is quite possible to use greenhouse champignons or even pickled mushrooms.

If desired, you can add any boiled vegetables to this soup: cabbage, zucchini, green, white or red beans. A simpler version of such a soup can be obtained if, instead of the champignons, you use only processed cheese with the taste of mushrooms.

Tip! Strong-smelling spices are able to muffle the taste of tender champignons. Yes, and the gentle milky taste of processed cheese, they only harm.

Cheese and broccoli soup

Spicy and spicy grassy broccoli flavor can also be set off by the delicate creamy taste of processed cheese. This soup will not only be extremely tasty, but also very useful. After all, broccoli is one of the most "fortified" types of cabbage, and the content of vitamin U, which prevents the deposition of fat and protects the stomach from ulcers, is second only to asparagus.

So, the recipe for soup with broccoli and melted cheese:

  • washed out of excess starch, chopped potatoes throw in boiling water;
  • 7-10 minutes before the end of its cooking, we pour cabbage and onions and carrots fried in butter into the pan, as well as grated curds, salt and spices; if we use frozen broccoli, it makes no sense to thaw it beforehand;
  • cook our soup for no more than 10 minutes so that the cabbage does not lose its beneficial properties, which is why we put it a little later than potatoes;
  • If desired, the dish can be spayed with a blender.

Spicy and spicy grassy broccoli flavor can also be set off with a delicate creamy taste of processed cheese

Tip! Cheap cream cheese to enhance the taste is often saturated with synthetic additives that can cause allergies.

For lovers of garlic taste

This recipe is also simple, but no less tasty. The introduction of a small amount of garlic gives the cheese platter a special piquancy. You can cook this version of the soup in both chicken and vegetable broth:

  • in the boiled water we throw chopped potatoes;
  • while he is boiling, we ferment onions and carrots for a couple of minutes; at the end of the roast add chopped garlic;
  • grind ready potatoes in a blender;
  • add mashed potatoes, salt, roasting and cheese to vegetable broth;
  • boil soup for another 5 minutes;
  • pour the plates, add greens and enjoy its exquisite taste.

You can serve cheese soup even with red caviar

Smoked recipe

Another interesting combination is cheese and smoked meats. Moreover, meat products can take any, for example, a fatty brisket, bacon or regular sausage. Since we will take the meat already in finished form, it will take no more than 20 minutes to prepare such a dish:

  • throw potatoes into straws or cubes in boiling water and cook it for about 10 minutes;
  • add salt and sauteed onions and carrots;
  • we fall asleep in the smoked soup, they need to boil only 5 minutes, so that the meat softens slightly;
  • five minutes later, we put grated cheese in a pan;
  • add any not too tart spices.

Another interesting combination is cheese and smoked meats.

Creamy soup with crab sticks

This dish can be prepared with the addition of any seafood, for example, shrimp or squid. We describe the simplest and most inexpensive variant with crab sticks and melted cheese:

  • onion cut into half rings, and crab sticks into thin strips;
  • cook fry with onions; You can add grated or finely chopped carrots to it;
  • boil water, throw potatoes and small noodles into the pan;
  • 10 minutes before the end of cooking, add chopped cheeses;
  • Crab sticks and greens are thrown just before the plate is turned off, in a couple of minutes.

This dish can be prepared with the addition of any seafood, for example, shrimp or squid

Tip! This soup can be varied by adding to its sea kale or corn. As a result, you get completely different, but no less delicious dishes.

Cheese soup can be cooked with the addition of a variety of products. For example, turnips, potatoes and bell peppers.