Elena Yakovleva confessed to plastic surgery

Elena Yakovleva became the heroine of the recent show of Vyacheslav Manucharov. The 58-year-old actress admitted that she is very afraid of growing old, so she is trying to restore youth by all means.

At the time of "Intergirl" Yakovlev was a real sex symbol of the national cinema. Elena told me that she regularly makes so-called beauty shots. In addition, the actress survived and plastic surgery to remove hernia of the lower eyelids (bags under the eyes).

Yakovlev openly told what methods of rejuvenation she had tried on herself

Yakovleva said that she was trying out all the new techniques that doctors advise her - threads, injections, and so on. Now the star also wants to lose those extra pounds, as he believes that the screen greatly increases the proportions.