Jay Lo said that Google Images came up with because of her dress

The cult dress from Versace not only conquered a large audience, but also helped create the Google Images service.

Jennifer Lopez remembered her famous dress, which appeared at the Grammy Award ceremony. And it was in 2000 ...

Then the singer did not receive an award for achievements in the field of music, but became a real gossip star. And all because of the outfit in which Lopez adorned that evening. The actress simply could not go unnoticed.

The translucent green Versace dress with a very deep neckline and a long train conquered all those gathered. After this release, Versace sales clearly increased! The media has long discussed the bold image that the star demonstrated.

Jennifer said that while many wanted to find the same dress. She said that thanks to her, they invented the image search service Google Images. But the star learned about it only in a year. Women began to look for photos from the Red Carpet on the Web, but could not find them, which is why an image search service was created.

The actress admitted that she did not expect such a success. She practically did not prepare for the ceremony, but chose a dress of the two options offered to her. And she could not understand why everyone is looking only at her.

And recently, the Council of Fashion Designers of America recognized Jennifer Lopez as the most stylish woman of the year. Already in summer, the star will receive a well-deserved reward.