Keanu Reeves said that he could still be shot in a series of paintings about John Wick

The first trailer appeared on the web.

In a recent interview, Keanu Reeves said he was ready to play John Wick again. The famous Hollywood actor said that he can continue to play the superkiller if fans want to see new movies about him.

About this Keanu said on the eve of the release of the new part of the film "John Wick 3".

Recall, films about John Wick launched in 2014. Keanu himself took the role very seriously. Actor a few months before the shooting was engaged in martial arts and shooting. Perhaps that is why he played Wick so convincingly.

It is possible that the third part will not be the last.

By the way, a small excerpt from the third part of the film has already been released on the YouTube channel. In Russia, the premiere will be held on May 16.