Holidays April 17: What can be noted among the week?


The fact that the current date in your desktop or tear-off - for fans of retro - the calendar is marked in black, absolutely nothing. There would be a desire, and there is a reason to note, one has only to look properly, because there are a lot of April 17 holidays!

What holidays are celebrated in Russia on April 17

So, what will we celebrate?

If you…

  • in any way connected with the ATS or BB, or maybe you just have respect for the people who guard our peace, you can rejoice at the Day of veterans of the internal affairs bodies and internal troops of Russia - the holiday of the young, born only in 2011, but significant;
  • a believer, honor the memory of Joseph the Songwriter, who lived in Sicily in the 9th century and was endowed with a special gift for composing liturgical chants;
  • have a good sense of humor and light character, rejoice in the unofficial, but fun and native Russian Day of the harmonica call;
  • We have already managed to change heavy winter boots for sneakers, mark this fact, congratulating friends and acquaintances on the Thaw Holiday. By the middle of April, the spring is firmly in its own right

What is celebrated in the world today

Why confine to one country if the whole planet is at your service? Spin up the globe and decide who you want to join today, if not physically (not everyone is capable of breaking into Cuba or Syria at the call of the heart), then at least mentally. And let the boundaries do not bother you.

April 17th is celebrated:

  • Day of the Fire Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Day of fire protection in Ukraine;
  • Day of Migration Authorities in Turkmenistan;
  • Flag Day in Samoa;
  • Independence Day or the evacuation of foreign troops in Syria;
  • National Women's Day in Gabon;
  • Joe Foss Day, ace of World War II - in the USA, South Dakota;
  • Arborist or Arbor Day in the USA, Colorado;
  • Ford Day Mustang in the USA;
  • Cheese Balls Day in the USA;
  • New year in Myanmar.

In addition, the International Day of Hemophilia, coinciding with the birth date of the founder of the WFH (World Federation of Hemophilia) Frank Schneibel and the International Day of Silence, initiated by LGBT, are celebrated today. The meaning of the latter is to draw attention to the practice of silencing "inconvenient" cases of discrimination and persecution of people because of their sexual orientation, as well as cases of physical or moral violence.

Appearing in the US, Day of Silence quickly spread throughout the world.

Those who do not have serious promotions should conduct an audit in their wallet and arrange notes to their true worth: after all, on April 17 they have a professional holiday, Money Day, and also international. Well, if spring blooms in the soul, and free thoughts wander in your head, leave aside the material and go to meet the Day of Sudden Kiss.

Celebration features

Whether it is worth celebrating a holiday of fire protection or veterans of the Department of Internal Affairs, everyone should solve independently, strict instructions on this account do not exist. But we definitely do not recommend you to miss some dates.

The day of cheese balls can be celebrated even in solitude, after sitting comfortably after work in an easy chair

Just think how much fun you can get by calling a big group of friends in the evening to taste a new recipe for cheese balls! And if you combine a meeting with a foray into nature and plant a couple of seedlings in the nearest park or in the country? Pleasant is very harmoniously combined with useful. And do not forget that it is today that you have a wonderful opportunity to hint some unaware people about your feelings, demanding your rightful kiss from him. Perhaps slapping through the puddles, celebrating the day of thaw, you will be together.

To the note: if in reality you are going to get out of the city, do not forget to become silent and listen from time to time - in olden days in Russia they said that the voice of the Cantor was given to Yosef. Suddenly you are lucky to hear them?

April 17, the middle of spring, is a good day in order to temporarily abandon worries and how to relax. At least in the evening, if during the day things are not allowed to forget about them! There is a reason, and not one. Things are easy - to come up with a celebration program, be it a party or going to a movie for two, and bring it to life.