Vasily Utkin reported an attack

Sports journalist admitted that he knows who is behind the hooligan actions.

Recently, the famous sports journalist Vasily Utkin seriously frightened his fans with an emergency message in one of the social networks. There, a celebrity noted that he was attacked and told the details of what happened - according to him, after training, he went to his car in the parking lot at the sports center, where a young guy was waiting for him. The face of the man was not visible because of the hood. He splashed Vasilya out of the canister and disappeared. The journalist managed to notice that the guy filmed everything that happens on the phone - according to the star, this was done to report to the one who hired him.

Utkin stressed that the attack could be connected with his harsh words about the friendship of coach Stanislav Cherchesov and lawyer Alan Aguzarov and their influence on the Russian team.