Basharova's wife filed for divorce after beatings

The news of the breakup came as a surprise to the actor.

On the eve of the New Year, Marat Basharov’s fans were shocked by the news that his wife, Elizaveta Shevyrkova, went to the hospital after severe beatings. Representatives of the family were able to hush up the scandal, and the couple only stressed that all this was rumor.

But the other day Elizabeth in the social network confirmed that her husband raised his hand to her, and declared a divorce. For Basharov, such recognition of his wife was a complete surprise - he only learned about the news from the press. The act of his wife angered Marat - according to him, now the girl is resting in Thailand with her son and girlfriend for his money. The actor emotionally on the web asked the girl to give up the name of Basharov. What is the outcome of the Internet skirmish spouses, is unclear.