Fashion Assistant for Fitness


An active lifestyle helps maintain body shape, strengthen health and muscle. Most women try to spend their free time playing sports: fitness, jogging, biking, roller skating, etc.

To make the results visible, accessories are used that allow you to record indicators of the pulse, heartbeat and the number of steps. The most popular are fitness bracelets Xiaomi. Let's get to know them better.

Gadget features

Xiaomi's company gained fame thanks to innovative developments that are produced at a lower price than the famous brands. Efficiency and practicality of products nevertheless can compete with expensive developments.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is equipped with modern OLED-display. The screen is large, which allows you to quickly and conveniently select the appropriate program. It has a convenient and intuitive interface. The manufacturer uses a silicone strap, suitable for a larger wrist, which is considered an additional advantage.

The bracelet is resistant to moisture. You can take a shower with him, it’s not scary to get in the rain, swim in the pool. Active sweating will not interfere with the accurate operation of the gadget. The only thing he is not suitable for immersion under water at great depth.


  • Displays incoming messages on the screen.
  • A weather forecast is set up, ready to warn you of impending rain.
  • Fixing the duration of the journey, measuring the pulse and heartbeat.
  • Ability to set the daily rate of steps. A smart vibration gadget will show that the goal has been achieved to date.
  • If you have not moved for a long time and it is time to enter the active phase, the program will notify you of this.
  • Determination of heart rate.
  • The quality of sleep. The program determines the phase of deep and shallow sleep, which will help you learn how to properly relax and rejuvenate.
  • Works up to twenty days without recharging.
  • The name of the caller is displayed on the display. If you cannot talk now, you can reject the call.
  • The fitness bracelet module weighs only 8.5 g.
  • The reliable fastener will not allow the device to be lost. The developers tested the strength of the mechanism, where more than two thousand times opened and closed it. As a result, the parts remained in immaculate condition and did not fail.

With this device, sports will become more productive and interesting. Scientists have come to the general opinion that a person who constantly monitors the improvement of results, is more willing to move toward a goal. Habit and stimulus are produced. An athlete will gladly take more steps if he sees how much has already been completed. The numbers have a special magic that encourages action. People tend to exaggerate their achievements: not seeing the results, one might think that a lot of things have already been done, and stop here.

Positive and negative sides

A more accurate determination of the need for buying a bracelet will help comparison, where we highlight the advantages of the product and some negative aspects.

Mi Band 3 will be an excellent motivation for exercise and exercise. At achievement of result on a board the encouraging picture from achievements section is highlighted. The user eventually learns to properly fall asleep and wake up. The sleep analysis function collects information about its quality and gives a wake-up signal. Waking up becomes easy.

Women who want to lose weight, especially motivated to buy a gadget. He will tell the bearer that she has not moved for a long time and it’s time to start exercising or walking. The pulse meter, if necessary, will inform you that the frequency has reached a critical point. This is important if the trainee has some health restrictions.

The advantages are greater than the disadvantages. The latter are reduced to hyper pulling numbers. Many look at the number of steps, but do not pay attention to their intensity. You can also make a certain amount, but spend an order of magnitude less calories.

Always wear a bracelet is not necessary. Some users do not tolerate constant contact with silicone, although most do not cause allergic reactions. Use it as directed during training. For those who want to follow the changes in their body, it is recommended not to chase after indicators, but to lead a normal life and notice the result. Do not overdo it. Constantly beat your records is not worth it, because it is important to be healthy and fit, and not squeezed like a lemon.

If after this article you decide to go in for sports and buy a fitness bracelet, let it be Mi Band 3. The cost will not hit it, but you will find a lot of advantages. Xiaomi company constantly proves that devices can be modern, multifunctional and accessible to every customer.