In which dress to celebrate New 2019: the best new items and ideas on the photo


The New Year is approaching 2019, which means that a magical night is approaching, when we can all for a few hours break out of the usual, but annoying reality and into a fairy tale where daring desires are made, dreams come true and miracles happen. And in order to fully feel the spirit of the holiday and simultaneously conquer those around you with its beauty, it is necessary to show up at the New Year's ball in full glory. So, it's time to start searching for the most amazing, elegant, stunning dress, which could only give the imagination of modern craftsmen-designers! And we offer you a photo of suitable new products and a few tips on colors and styles.

Main symbol: Yellow Earth Pig

According to the calculations of the Chinese calendar, in all pairs, rushing to us 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Yellow Earth Pig. And although this simplehearted animal treats people with all his soul and will not stick sticks into the wheels to anybody, it must be met appropriately. And the easiest way to do this is to choose a New Year's image for yourself in accordance with the tastes of the guest. Those more that it is not difficult at all, because the Pig is democratic and friendly.

Color, fabric and style of stylish and fashionable dresses

What would such a vestment please the lady of the coming year and enlist her support for all 12 months? First determine the color.

There is no doubt that in favor will be primarily shades corresponding to the color of the year, as well as warm and rich colors of the beloved element - the earth:

  • yellow, sandy, golden, and with them for the company of orange, lemon, mustard and all related shades;
  • brown, chocolate, terracotta, brick, ocher color;
  • beige, peach, powdery, ecru, gray, ivory.


Other saturated natural tones will also be liked:

  • blue, azure, ultramarine, cobalt, blue - in the color of the sky;
  • green, lime, emerald, lime, marsh, mint - in the color of grass and leaves;
  • pink, purple, violet, white and even black - in honor of flowering meadows, bark and stones.

The only shade that the future mistress of the year will surely turn away from is a flashy red, evoking thoughts about the lights of a forest fire. But there are no strict restrictions. If red is to your liking, you can safely equip your outfit with a noticeable detail of this color or use its “muted” options: scarlet, carrot, wine.

Having thought about the choice of material for a dress, think first of all about fleecy fabrics: velvet, velor, velveteen, plush, suede or fur.

Would you like to dress in something more festive, alluring, airy or, on the contrary, enveloping and warming? No problems. The pig favorably accepts organza and chiffon, satin and silk; as well as wool. Undoubtedly, you will appreciate the creatively tuned Piggy and thin weaving of lace fabric, whether you use it in the form of piquant inserts in clothes, exquisite fringes or as an independent fabric for a New Year's dress.

As for the style of a festive dress, one single requirement is made to it: your outfit should be comfortable. No extra-narrow skirts, body parts, stiff corsets, tall studs. The price includes a free cut and models gently flowing around the figure, not constraining the movements of their mistress.

Dresses for the New 2019: 50 hot new products with photos

We'll see what our world famous designers offer us to meet the Yellow Pig and their less famous colleagues yet?

Rachel Zoe has presented her feminine dresses with numerous ruffles and ruffles.

Fluffy skirts and tight-fitting silhouettes of Marchesa Resort will look good on fragile girls.

The volume in one part of the Marchesa Resort outfit is balanced by a concise and smooth other.

Jenny Packham was clearly inspired by the image of the Snow Queen.

Dresses from velvet and suede any girl will turn into a queen

Yellow Pig's favorite color is perfect for dark-faced and hot brunette girls.

Any woman can try on gold for herself - he is perfect for the New Year

Deep blue from Elie Saab is definitely royal color

Rachel Zoe's minimalistic novelties shine like the moon and the sun

Fashionable prints with peas and a strip will not allow to get lost in the crowd

Geometric patterns and contrast play are equally popular.

Marchesa proposes to celebrate New Year 2018 in a cloud of flowers

Reem Acra advises girls to choose classic styles for a festive dress, simple geometry and contrasting colors: black and white, red and green

David Koma bets on color play

Print with oriental or floral designs was loved by many designers.Unfading trend - feathers - smoothly migrated to the New Year collections of fashion designers. Who dares?

Alexander McQueen girls resemble white and silver clouds

Evening dresses from Marchesa inevitably rivet attention to themselves

Beautiful legs are not a sin and show

Elie Saab offers beauties not to be shy and choose the bold models to show off in all its glory

Just do not forget that the cheeky neckline is better to balance a relatively modest upper part

The naked back looks gentle and found

Paolo Sebastian models remind the Greek goddesses descending from Olympus

The motto of Alexis Mabille is freedom and looseness. The rest will be made by shiny fabrics and flying silhouettes.

Dresses to the floor, gently flowing through the body, will give any woman lightness and grace

Despite the conciseness of the forms, dresses of modern designers are amazing.

The modest style of Talbot Runhot wins due to the decor

For images created by Elie Saab, characterized by ease, courage and relaxedness

Girls with beautiful shoulders will not hurt to emphasize them with the help of an American armhole

Another fashionable trick to meet the new year: catchy asymmetry

Tadashi Shoji skillfully plays with images of fatal beauties and embodied innocence

Stylish outfits of Jenny Packham with sequins and embroidery will turn even a modest party into an enchanting show.

The black Reem Acra sheath dress was colored with stones and beads, and Badgley Mischka with white inserts on the sleeves.

Stéphane Rolland is able to create masterpieces, costing a minimum of details

For their models, Stéphane Rolland chose a classic silhouette and daring innovations: flared sleeves and neckline shoulders.

Dennis Basso believes that it is necessary to celebrate New Year in theatrical frilly, fancy costumes

The mermaid tail loved by many does not lose ground

Dresses with a train a little lost former popularity, but still remain demanded

In metallic dresses from Elie Saab it is possible both for corporate and for a party with friends

Gold patterns will not make a short dress give a highlight to a long

Magnificent cocktail dresses are good both in black, and in color option

Flying chiffon, organza are good for a holiday with friends

But to issue something more serious is required

Symbol of the year loves originality and creative approach, so do not be afraid to experiment

Several options for dresses for pregnant women: what to choose expectant mothers

Empire style dominates among the styles of dresses for pregnant women.

Loose, not constrained by belts and buckles, the silhouettes will slightly mask the rounded belly

Dresses of rich blue color give the silhouette of harmony despite the interesting position

Ideas for beautiful outfits

For full ladies draperies and warm dark tones will be salvation

Black color and interesting detail of the cut will distract attention from mouth-watering shapes.

Even a dozen or two extra pounds will not prevent you from having fun

Video: what outfit to wear on New Year's corporate party and home gatherings

As you can see, the Yellow Pig and modern fashion designers are generous in choosing models, styles and fabrics that they provide in 2019 to fashionable women. Feel free to experiment, implement any conceived ideas and do not be afraid to be original, if your soul and sense of taste require it. Merry mistress of the coming 12 months will only support you, and the surrounding people will be smitten and fascinated.