With what to wear a fur vest - fashionable models and bright images!

Fur vest - a unique combination of luxury and comfort, high fashion and functionality. He does not leave the catwalks, but he looks even more beautiful in the setting of real life.

To add a fur vest to your wardrobe is one of the wisest investments a woman can make. This thing is universal, allows you to create many images and in each of them look luxurious. Plus, according to experts, the leading position vest fur will retain for a long time.

Before buying it is necessary to determine the material: natural fur or artificial? In the first case, the price will be higher; special care and storage conditions will be required for the product. On the other hand, natural fur is warmer. It is worth considering this if you plan to use the vest as an outerwear.

Vest faux fur looks no less impressive. Modern technologies allow making a copy indistinguishable from the original. The price at the same time will be much more democratic, and in the manufacture of any animal will not suffer.

The fashion for fur vests gave us a real variety of colors and styles! If earlier preference was given mainly to natural shades of fur: black, white, red, gray, then today bright fur products are more popular than ever! Monophonic or painted in several colors, passing into each other, they give room for imagination and creativity.

If you can choose the color based on personal tastes and overall style, then when choosing a style you will have to take into account the features of the figure. So, very voluminous and fluffy vests fit tall and thin girls. It is better for owners of feminine forms to choose models with a short nap, they will favorably emphasize the advantages of their owners.

The length of the vest is also varied. Very short models barely reach the waist and go well with jeans or straight dresses. The longest models can reach almost to the ankle.

Whichever model you choose, the most successful fur vest will look with form-fitting things. So, if your wardrobe has skinny pants, sheath dresses, straight skirts and plain turtlenecks, you know what to do.

It is also worth remembering that under a fur vest do not wear things with short sleeves. It should either be long, or it should not be at all.

A business suit or evening dress, a walk around the city or a trip to the theater - a fur vest will be relevant anyway.