Five more women accuse Luc Besson of harassment

A well-known director will face trial in the rape case.

The movement against harassment is gaining momentum - while Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys do everything they can to get rid of at least some of the accusations, other celebrities are at the center of sex scandals. So, in the spring, the first accusations were brought against the French director Luc Besson - the actress who played minor roles in his films, said that the man had drunk her and raped her. Several more women made similar allegations.

The other day, the Besson case was replenished with new statements - five more girls reported the director's inappropriate actions in relation to them. Among them - his employee, producer and assistant, as well as two students who studied at the Besson school. The director himself does not comment on the ongoing scandal, and his lawyers say that they are going to defend the honor of a star in court.