Dress like a star: Blake Lively Style Secrets


Blake Lively is an American actress who debuted in 2007 on the television series Gossip Girl. During the filming of the telegive she measured several hundreds of designer dresses and showed impeccable taste in the selection of clothes, for which she received the title of style icon.

Features of Blake Lively Style

Lively regularly pleases his fans with new elegant images. In one interview, the star said that she wears it not for the sake of the ubiquitous paparazzi, but exclusively for herself.


When Blake is not in a hurry for another social rout, she changes evening dresses for everyday comfortable and practical clothes. In such ensembles, the star combines knitwear, leather, silk, cashmere and other fabrics. From the accessories he prefers boho glasses, gloves, umbrellas, large rings, Indian scarves, spacious bags and wide-brimmed hats.


This style is firmly established in the wardrobe of Lively, when she was preparing to become a mother. But even after the birth of the baby, she wears voluminous knitted sweaters, knitted cardigans, ponchos for a couple of sizes more than necessary. The oversized actress combines clothes with jeans, slinky pants and high-heeled shoes.

Total white

The star loves clothes of white color in which she looks like an angel. Femininity actress emphasize flowing fabrics, translucent details, neckline. A flawless look is completed with classic pumps.

Business style

If the dress code requires strict style, the star prefers elegant dresses made of costume fabric, classic-cut pants with a high waist, straight skirts and fitted blazers with clear lines and silhouettes.

Romantic style

On the red carpet, a charming blonde appears in luxurious dresses that highlight the attractiveness of her figure. For her evening dresses she chooses mostly flowing fabrics. In her wardrobe there are sexy mini, medium-length dresses with a high waist, long luxury models and sheath dresses.

As an actress takes into account the peculiarities of her figure: the basics of color and cut of clothes

Diva skillfully uses clothing to emphasize the dignity of his figure and the attractiveness of long slender legs. In the wardrobe of the actress there are many short ensembles with a neckline.

Despite his tall (178 cm) Lively prefers high-heeled shoes. She admits that sometimes she feels “bulky” in such shoes, but this does not prevent her from regularly replenishing her wardrobe with new shoes with heels.

Blake prefers clothes with original decoration. It complements the basic kits with accessories that become a real highlight of its images.

In the wardrobe, the star has clothes with an asymmetrical cut that emphasizes the virtues of a female figure, and bright colors help to stand out from the crowd.

Diva looks great in transparent dresses. Thanks to draperies and flesh-colored lining, her images seem frankly sexy, but at the same time do not put on display anything superfluous.

Lively prefers clean and bright colors: white, red, black, as well as gold, neon and pastel shades. Often, the actress focuses on a bright part of her wardrobe.

Unsuccessful Star Images

Despite the innate sense of style, Lively outfits sometimes become the object of criticism from fashion lawmakers and the general public.

The appearance of Blake on the red carpet of the Golden Globe in 2009 caused her fans, to put it mildly, bewilderment. The star appeared to the public in a Nina Ricci dress made of fine blue silk. This outfit turned slender beauty in this pyshechku.

In May 2017, at the American Ballet gala evening, the diva appeared in a yellow dress from the latest Oscar de la Renta collection. The bodice of the dress is too tight to her chest, focusing on the hands and shoulders of the actress, and the skirt added a few extra centimeters to the waist.

The next photo is another bad image of Lively. And all would be nothing, but a giant burgundy belt, tied at the waist of the actress, looks at least strange. He ensured the diva hit the weekly selection of the most ridiculous costumes of the stars.

When a girl is advised to dismiss her stylist for unsuccessful images, she laughs off: “I've tried to dismiss this Blake Lively several times, but this bitch doesn’t want to leave! Apparently, she will never leave me alone!”

Actis is called an icon of style for the flawless images that the girl creates herself, without resorting to the services of a stylist. The main feature of her wardrobe is femininity, which, together with a model appearance and an innate sense of taste, provide 90% of the star's success.