A bunch of failed outfits Tanya Tereshina: one trenchant other

Sometimes media personalities also cannot get to the point with the image and present themselves to the world in the best light. The worst outfits of Tanya Tereshina could be watched by her fans at different times, and there is a demonstration of such images with enviable regularity.

Tanya’s figure can be excellent, but it’s hardly noble to go out in the light of lingerie, and the singer often sins with it.

The alien image with ridiculous accents does not paint the Russian singer.

Tanya, what's in your pockets? Or was a dinner party yesterday? An outfit that absolutely does not make any woman beautiful.

At the RU-TV Prize, Tereshina also surprised everyone with its originality.

Original dress, but certainly not to face the singer. Latex-covered body in a public place at least inappropriate.

If the contest was for the best Baba Yaga, then Tanya, without a doubt, the leaders.

An interesting image, but not the best. Let even so Tatiana appeared on her husband's bachelor party.

Multicolored feathers?

Fast food commercials?

Two kinds of peas?

Queen of BDSM?

Too frankly for pregnant.

And of course the apogee of shocking: Tatiana Tereshina's wedding dress. Watch and enjoy. Or turn away?

Would you dare?