The most strange and ridiculous outfits of Anita Tsoi

Pop stars are famous for their unusual and bright dresses. Creative artistic nature makes itself felt even in the selection of style. But sometimes the attempt to take the original turns against the owners of non-standard thinking themselves. Anita Tsoi is a prime example of this.

Take a look here. It seems to be nothing special, the ethnic dress looks great on the singer ... oh, if not for these fur boots! Obviously not according to the weather, and the color is not too in the subject. Well, they make the lower part of the figure heavier, draw all the attention to themselves. Do not do it this way

A little more ethnic creativity. With a bulky hat could still be put up, but the abundance of details is very tiring. What do you think?


When you were told to be sexy ...

Looks like Anita likes outfits ...

And bright, flashy combinations of colors ...

And this photo, we believe the best in the collection. Space suit in the disco style with elements of pajama clothes and a tracksuit - a truly amazing flight of design ideas!

Here, everything seems to be nice with a bathrobe ... that is, with a kimono. If it were not for the silky sheen, he would not even be so much like a bathrobe. And the photographer is a deuce for raising door handles on the singer's head!

Also in itself is a decent dress. But it is clearly Anita full. Although judging by the size of the bag, it seems, specially.

But really interesting outfit. A mixture of cultures is evident - here you will find a frank miniskirt with Western-style shoes, youthful French decollete, and oriental motifs. True, it is not immediately clear whether the Korean hanbok means or Japanese kimono, but not the essence. The main thing is to mix, let the people run away from the people! And without the samurai boys, I wonder, can you wear such a train?

Stars - creative people who tend to think and even dress creatively. Anita Tsoi is no exception to the rule.