Charlize Theron style: what can you learn from the actress?


Charlize Theron style is a combination of elegance, elegance and harmonious simplicity. The actress has impeccable taste and fashion sense. In any situation, she looks amazing, and her every image is carefully thought out to the smallest detail.

Casual and evening wear

In everyday life, Charlize prefers smart casual style.

Her wardrobe is made up of laconic, comfortable and elegant things: skinny jeans, leggings, boyfriend jeans, short shorts, tunics, shirts, sweatshirts, volume sweaters. The actress puts on dresses and skirts rarely, leaving them for special occasions.

Shoes - most often ballet flats and sneakers, but there are also shoes, stiletto sandals, which gives the image a sophisticated sexuality.

Charlize also likes to try on the male style of dress. She can be seen in loose jackets and light trouser suits. Such things look harmonious on the actress, especially since she emphasizes them with feminine nuances.

Special attention is paid to expensive accessories. Charlize often wears sunglasses, as usually make the stars, seeking to escape from the annoying paparazzi.

Bags are quite massive and comfortable.

As additions to the side, hats, hats, scarves act.

From jewelry - bracelets, earrings, rings, watches.

If the casual style of Charlize Theron looks free and relaxed, then on the red carpet it amazes with its brightness and extravagance.

Most often, the actress puts on tight dresses in the floor of translucent fabrics, with a train, cuts and neckline.

For less formal events, dresses of medium length or short are selected. Shoes - always with heels.

As an actress takes into account the features of her appearance

Charlize has an almost perfect figure - height 177 cm and weight about 55 kg. That is why she can afford any outfits. She has long slender legs, so in the wardrobe there are mini-dresses, skirts and shorts.

Of the small flaws - wide shoulders. The figure of the actress refers to the type of "inverted triangle." The combination of dark top and light bottom helps to balance the proportions.

The star is also suitable for models of complex cut, multi-layered, with diagonal lines, with an "American armhole".

Techniques are used to increase the volume in the hips, for example, Basque.

Charlize often wears accessories that distract attention from the shoulders and even out the proportions - a long chain, a scarf, and massive bracelets.

According to the color type of appearance, Charlize Theron is a classic "summer". She has fair skin and hair, green eyes. All cold shades are suitable for the color type, from pastel to bright.

In everyday life in clothes, the actress prefers calm colors. Mostly ivory, black, shades of blue, beige, gray.

But at the ceremonial events outfits can be the most juicy, rich colors.

It is necessary to give due, all selected shades, both neutral, and bright, very much suit the actress.

Charlize Theron, of course, by nature has a classic, attractive beauty. But the ability to emphasize her allowed the actress to become a modern style icon.