10 stars who love to bare: accidentally or on purpose?


There are stars that love to bare, both in Russia and abroad. More often women compete on piquant photo shoots and frank dresses. Celebrity age does not matter!

Miley Cyrus

Wavy blond and touching outfits are in the past. Now the basis of the image of the singer is a provocation, including a naked body provocation.


Pop diva Rihanna knows her worth, so she has nothing to hide. Her habit of going out in flamboyant and candid outfits did not disappear even after gaining weight.


Acute on the tongue and cheeky in clothes, this Russian star knows no bounds. In her case, the limits of decency are created only to violate them.

Eva Green

In almost every film with her participation there are scenes with erotic overtones. Here is an interesting role.


Her candid photos poured into the network many times. True, it is unclear why to steal what the singer systematically puts herself.


Men's magazines do not get tired to print this singer. And the girl more than once appeared on the cover of the issue.

Kim Kardashian

Her fame is based on the ability to present her own body. And in this skill with Kardashian few people can compare.

Anfisa Chekhov

Anchorwoman often runs adult programs. Subject of the show obliges to correspond and excite the viewer with sexual images.

Alexander Revva

Not only women love to please their fans with spicy photos. Revva in the role of Pirozhkov constantly shines with a naked torso.

Anna Shulgina

After losing weight, Valeria’s daughter systematically proves in social networks that she is beautiful and desirable.

Someone with the help of naughty pictures and frank outfits builds a career, but for some stars, the lack of clothes helps to remove a certain label from oneself and escape from the annoying image. Sometimes photos of an intimate nature fall into the network through the fault of intruders, but more often by this moment celebrity has time to light up on the shooting in the nude style.