Is Angelina Jolie Blonde?

Fans did not recognize their favorite actress in tall blonde.

Recently, a picture of actress Angelina Jolie appeared on the Web, which surprised her fans a lot. In the photo, the actress is wearing a long skirt and a white blouse, but the fans were not struck by her outfit, but by the fact that Jolie became a blonde. Reporters immediately suggested that changing the image of the actress decided to help herself to get out of depression caused by severe divorce from Brad Pitt and the division of property. However, in reality, everything is much simpler: Jolie tried on a new image for the role in the film, and her hair was just a wig.

Now the actress starred in the movie Come Away. In the story, this is a fairy tale - a prequel of two famous legends at once: about Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. The tape will be released next year. For Jolie, this will be the first film after a three-year break in filming. In addition, the release of “Maleficenti-2” is planned for 2019.